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    Great Collection of every aspect of spirtual world
    The VooDoo - HooDoo- What U don't dare do people site//
    submitted by RAINYbow

    This is a site that deals with the Philadelphia media. With links to jobs, industry sites, fun things and more. I especially liked the amazing cow cam.
    submitted by Virginia

    Good Humor
    submitted by Neil

    Shift Online is an ezine that has cool graphics and
    uses shockwave flash extensively
    submitted by Dave Sylvestre

    The main reason I like this site is because it's mine. It features CD reviews and interviews with bands (Negativland, Cake, the Cars, Devo, the Bloodhound Gang, etc.).
    submitted by JereC7

    The Ultimate Dodge Super Bee Restoration Hive is awesome!!!
    submitted by The Bee Master

    This site contains a plethora of creative writing including poetry, short stories and quotes. It allows the reader to take her/his imagination to new depths.
    submitted by Mike Green

    Unique graphics to share with people. Drop by and go to the virtual art gallery. You will be glad you did! Cosmic-groovy-trippin-inside-out-upside-down- in-God's-imagination-how-far-out-can-you-get- yowww-dang-good-graphics! Who would want to miss that???!!!
    submitted by Daniel B. Holeman

    (Not just because it's my sister's)....because it's interesting!
    submitted by Randi

    It's a really wild place and very design oriented. Good mix, nothing animated.
    submitted by Dianne

    Because I shamelessly promote my site at EVERY oppurtunity.
    submitted by Cliff Lake

    If you have a Mac and like to tinker with your GUI, you need to check out MOZCO !Garash! Japanese and very cool.
    submitted by George Agpoon

    Ever wonder where your neighborhood gift shop gets it's rubber snakes and cool sunglasses?. Jeff Garb & Associates about our rep group, where funky products get to market. You are probably already a customer.
    submitted by Gift Sales Agency - Jeff Garb & Associates

    Street portraits in NY's East Village.
    (and a little shameless self-promo)
    submitted by waco

    I've given up procrastination for good!
    submitted by Michael G. Halle

    Shameless self-promotion on my part,
    but not without a reason.
    submitted by roope rainisto

    Its such a cool and interesting homepage. Better than MTV! Lots of nice graphics and stupid but funny stuff.
    submitted by Nicole

    A retail gallery with lots of great comic book art to page thru.

    submitted by Dennis Geary

    a beautifully-designed multimedia magazine. content focusses on cultural and artistic issues.
    submitted by theo diamantis

    A must-see design firm.
    submitted by Mrs. Freshley

    10 people speak in words.
    submitted by Morgan Meethers

    How many sites are smack on the equator?
    Ok ok maybe a tad bit north.
    From Singapore (urgh?)

    submitted by Taruna Budiman

    Wicked Tales, Literary Adventures, Photography, Fractals, Movie Scripts, Games, Fishing Stories, and much more.

    submitted by Nemo Nox

    simple homepage style dhtml w/ serverside sniff. shouldn't crash your browser.

    ps. how do you pronounce 'dhtml'?
    submitted by antony quintal

    Reflections on the artificial body --
    Clear your browser cache and dive into this multi-dimensional information space using latest web
    technology including JavaScript 1.2 and DHTML.
    submitted by Thomas Noller

    BORN is an online showcase of arts and literature with contributors from around the world. Check it!
    submitted by Gabe Kean

    scottish art without the tarten
    submitted by john giles

    Swanky is a group of the best young artists on the 'net. Check it out.
    submitted by ryanmills

    A small, creative video design shop.
    submitted by john assalian

    Get a little bit of the Irish in you!
    submitted by Richard McVeigh

    just see it
    submitted by ginger

    highly addictive!!free web myst style game
    submitted by big carpet

    Because who else is doing features on Jonathan Barnbrook on the web? Send in your comments and support to or it might be the last issue.
    submitted by Design Mind

    Great computer art site in Montreal

    submitted by isabelle hayeur

    if you want see your dreams come true
    submitted by Ron

    submitted by toto

    on aime bien ce que vous faite
    submitted by ARBOREA

    A cool set of design links and lists of design firms and type foundries wrapped into a swiss-design nugget of goodness.
    submitted by Yuebos Maracas

    Very cool graphic design.
    submitted by Vivo Dante

    My name is R.J. Hawkins and I'm twenty-six years old. I am writing you from
    the Story County Jail in Iowa where I am currently serving a six month
    sentence for an aggravated misdemeanor, proprietorship of a property where
    drugs were sold. I feel lucky to have received the sentence I did because if
    the judge had wanted, I would be in the state penitentiary serving ten years
    right now. See, I was also convicted on a Felony Class C, Possession with
    intent to deliver a controlled substance (cocaine), and a felony class D,
    failure to affix a drug tax stamp. However, both sentences were suspended
    pending the successful completion of my probationary period. I was originally
    arrested on October 18, 1994.

    I am just now serving my time because I had a good lawyer and a long appeal
    process. I am thankful for both because I was not prepared to serve time
    physically, mentally, spiritually, or financially 2 1/2 years ago. However, I
    am here now and I am ready to take responsibility for my misdeeds and get this
    stage of my life over. Each day of this journey I will be taking a step into
    the unknown, and I welcome you to join me, on this arduous trek. I have no
    idea what to expect and few preconceived notions about what this experience is
    going to yield. So, settle in and enjoy the ride. I'll try to follow the signs
    and stay between the lines.
    submitted by Wamzle

    somebody forgot to tell this chick the web's got
    boundries! (moving, emotional, together, really really cool, funk to funk)
    submitted by naked sheep

    cool company.
    cool site.
    submitted by Kevin Farnham

    cool new opportunity for artists to display their work
    submitted by chris

    U dont even need to have 1 million dollar to surf this site. Neat + Fast = Simplicity
    submitted by artart

    . // smallprin t . design lounge // .
    (hmmm...what about ? ;)
    submitted by . smallprin t . //

    Mysterious, confusing, and simple. Look out for the hidden bookmark! That's where the fun is!!!
    submitted by artart

    Nicely designed site, cool graphics,
    what else could you possibly want?
    submitted by Raoul

    marcos has redone his website and has outdone himself. cat or astrocat?
    submitted by michael wertz

    because he's a big geek of an illustrator and i love him!
    submitted by marcia brady

    fresh new 2.0 version. interactive interaction along with a mixture of german and english text. hey students studying german, this site will have you reading in it no time!
    submitted by martina n.

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