ski vixens from the x dimension
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Coming in May! TPC Productions presents Ski Vixens From the X Dimension a five-minute video comedy series that takes aim at the important issues facing our times.

In the tiny town of Dun the forces of good and evil battle! Golf or Skiing? Where does the future lie? Can Beau Bisquette save Dun Roamin from ruin? Or will Mr. Hot Toddy bury the Bisquette family meal ticket under an avalanche of greed and yellow jello?

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Perhaps there is hope! Can the Ski-Vixens use the power of the X Dimension to save the day, and Dun?

Watch this space to learn how you can visit the Ski Vixens web site and tune in weekly as those wacky Bisquettes and voluptuous Ski Vixens join forces to bring funk, fashion and earthly love to the Universe. *