c   ?
    e     f   G
        h   i
  j   K     l  m

      o    p   Q
    s   t  U   v

     y     ?

Got Some Explaining to Do.

Howdy. This here is from Tim Carroll. I do illustration. And secretly, I also do design. Once upon a time, I did it in Japan. Years later, those Japanese are still pickin' on me ...

This time, they've asked me to curate a "Words and Pictures" gallery exhibition. "I donno, lotta work," said I ... "Then again, might be fun." And so I answered, "Yeah, sure."

A is for Apple? Yeah, right. But A is also for:
Aliens Abducting, Absurdly Abstract, Agonizingly Artsy, Alliterative Alphabetic Assemblages ...
and: Anarchistic Airborne Atomic Avocados ...
and: Aristotle's Assertively Aromatic Armpits ...
and: Aberrant Annoyances Ad-infinitum?

So, 26 letters, 26 illustrators, 26 pieces of art, and way-wicked tongue-twisters, to boot? Feel like you got held back a grade? Then use this mantra: "Through Limitations, Titillations." Repeat as necessary; you will soon attain bliss.