n a m e d r o p p i n g s   a r c h i v e   # 2 4    ( 0 2 . 9 9 )

    submitted by Ultraman (28 Feb 99)

    this portfolio presents work that searches for new and unique ways of communicating common ideas.
    submitted by ryan holsten (26 Feb 99)

    prototype to a future release. comments encouraged.
    submitted by the odoacre group (26 Feb 99)

    G O O D design.
    submitted by marcus (25 Feb 99)

    because it's real.
    submitted by p flint (25 Feb 99)

    Cause it's so sweet !
    submitted by Joe Vik (23 Feb 99)

    webdesigned portfolio
    submitted by ::::minddesign::::: (23 Feb 99)

    exellent designd site about the webdesigner Emil Olsson from Sweden...
    submitted by emil olsson (23 Feb 99)

    Here are a site with info on all about internet...
    The design is outstanding..
    submitted by :emil: (23 Feb 99)

    This site shows the works of Steven Sills that are catalogued as "controversial literature" by Brigham Young University Library; reviews of the work; and a means of promulgating the importance of serious literature. An American Papyrus by Steven Sills is catalogued in libraries such as Princeton and Yale and is uniquely catalogued not only as controversial literature by Brigham Young University but poems are indicated in those catalogues as having a specific controversial nature. The web site is listed by Yahoo as "Steven Sills, author of An American Papyrus." In addition to most of the poetry that was published by Towson State University's "New Poets Series" under the title of An American Papyrus are excerpts from two novels. Chapter 36 of Gabriele Departing America was initially a short story accepted by David Bergman for the anthology, "Men On Men" published by Penguin Press.
    submitted by steven sills (23 Feb 99)

    very nice, cool site!
    submitted by cheryl uyeda (22 Feb 99)

    a cool art site
    submitted by shirin (21 Feb 99)

    submitted by anonymous (21 Feb 99)

    part of the At Four30 network
    submitted by (20 Feb 99)

    burns into your skull like a bad dream.
    submitted by cutlet (20 Feb 99)

    it's great
    submitted by fonephreak (19 Feb 99)

    Check out the "Shredder," which takes any Web page of your choice and turns it into a work of grunge art.
    submitted by Michael @ Atlas (19 Feb 99)


    ----- gallery
    submitted by mIc (18 Feb 99)

    This is insanely funny.
    submitted by roger daltry (18 Feb 99)

    cuz it's just so now...
    submitted by 'scir (18 Feb 99)

    too many reasons to list.
    submitted by nigel dixon (17 Feb 99)

    Kenneth Dunn Investigations. Looking for someone? We'll find them.
    submitted by Kenneth Dunn (17 Feb 99)

    Ok, there are quite enough BABE sites but this one is nice and clean. No pop-ups, no irritating backgrounds and all. And..The selection of Babes is awesome
    Anyways..just worthwhile to visit.
    submitted by anonymous (16 Feb 99)

    Try remotely better living, join the digi-soap

    r A z

    submitted by r A z (16 Feb 99)

  • http2//



    submitted by josche (16 Feb 99)

    You ever seen footballers play with knives?
    submitted by John Bloor (15 Feb 99)

    one visit is never enough!
    submitted by jaques le bisquit (15 Feb 99)

    Crave. Because more is never enough.
    submitted by Jordan Lewinski (14 Feb 99)

    cause i smell so pretty and i made some badass fonts
    submitted by dave kellam (13 Feb 99)

  • presents.
    submitted by Vittu Kekkonen (13 Feb 99)

    'Cause it's superhot; super super hot, hot.
    submitted by Skippy Poppinfresh (11 Feb 99)

    submitted by Julia Kristeva (11 Feb 99)

    Now with FUNKY new domain name!
    submitted by jason (10 Feb 99)

    very neat site- you'll see!
    submitted by Salamander Husky (10 Feb 99)

    i have a cold, and it makes me feel better
    submitted by nita (7 Feb 99)

    Because it's all about me, baby.
    submitted by The Brand PeterMe (6 Feb 99)

    just a great freelance web design company!
    submitted by andrey (5 Feb 99)

    the splash page has been replaced with a cool new interactive words thing - stop and give!
    submitted by joe jenett (5 Feb 99)

    This link has not yet been created

    or the file referenced is unavailable
    or its legality is still being adjudicated
    or its meaning is still being debated
    or its ramifications are still being studied
    or its utility is undergoing reassessment
    or it has been disconnected for lack of use
    or has been disconnected for overuse
    or for just plain abuse
    or it is being retrofitted for a new language
    or a new paradigm
    or it has been unilaterally withdrawn for unknown reasons
    or for known but illogical reasons
    or for known and understandable reasons
    or it was fundamentally an error to put it here in the first place, but now, having done so, it would only further compound the error to remove it without indicating that it once had been here but was removed because it was just another f****** error -- in an endless stream of errors....


    So why not just forget about it.

    Let it go.


    Light up an avocado.

    Throw out all past preconceptions.

    Let go of meaningless desire.

    Break the bonds of material possession.

    Break the shackles of lies about spirit.

    Let go of the suicide called culture.

    And select one of the links below, to start all over again. From scratch. Fresh. New. Unencumbered. No more bullshit.

    submitted by FNF Media Design (5 Feb 99)

    mexican wrestling site with a touch of fishing... it's art!
    submitted by el robo (5 Feb 99)

    with so many sites focusing on type and type treatment, it's nice to see a guy doing stuff on color.
    submitted by Razorfish (4 Feb 99)

    Well I guess because I'm lonely, I'm famous but lonely.

    You see I need you to love me and hate me it's all the same.

    That is why we rock!
    submitted by NoFriendo (4 Feb 99)

    "Earthstar Matrix"
    have a mission statement:-

    supporting personal & planetary awakening & awareness as we journey into oneness...

    This site has some incredible articles that are accompanied by amazing graphics!

    If you're into finding out more about yourself & what's happening with our planet check it out!

    After I saw it from a previous Namedropping I had to drop it in myself.
    submitted by Techno-wizard (3 Feb 99)

    This project fuses the philosophical and the visual into a continuous work of digital, graphical, and conceptual art.
    submitted by Mark Stirner (3 Feb 99)

     It's such a quiet place 

    submitted by Maruto (3 Feb 99)

    if you have to ask you'll never know
    submitted by hinky (3 Feb 99)

    what the fuck!
    submitted by satori the drug lord (3 Feb 99)

    looking for a few good men and women to jump ship and
    come aboard with us... think.outloud.
    submitted by john john (3 Feb 99)

    What is the case.
    submitted by Rask.. (3 Feb 99)

    At Stock photo Finder photo buyers, graphic designers, etc can keyword search 23 major stock photo agency databases. Plus we have an additional 40 stock photo web sites which can also be browsed.
    submitted by Bob Clemmensen (2 Feb 99)

    because it has everything you could ever need while sitting at home, work, or school....
    submitted by DoubleFeature (1 Feb 99)

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