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 editor's note

@tlas, originally conceived in the summer of 1995, is an online magazine of photography, multimedia, design and illustration. Our debut issue, published last November, was just a first glimpse of the talent you can continue to expect from us. Over the course of the next few months we will be adding more content by old and new contributors; however, where our first issue was effectively a showcase, future issues will be more editorially driven --less like a portfolio and more like a magazine.

 @tlas now features stories by five photographers: Ed Kashi, Mike Yamashita, and George Steinmetz of National Geographic; Catherine Karnow (Passage to Vietnam, GEO, etc.); Matt Black; and Olivier Laude (The New York Times Magazine).

multimedia design

Our navigation screens were designed by Amy Franceschini, Atlas's senior designer. Director movies (Mac format) by Gigi Biederman and David Karam of Post Tool Design are now available for downloading in the multimedia section of @tlas.


A few pages from Mike Bartalos's new children's book, Shadowville, are on display, along with work by Tim Carroll and Thorina Rose, whose work has been published extensively in magazines and other print media.

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