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the deuill in the horologe
1988. Originally performed by Randy Porter (gitterne) and James Jacobs (viol de gamboys) at the Eighth Street Studio, Berkeley, California.

strings version6:14

winds version6:14

This duet is based on a childishly simple algorithm which transliterates various literary fragments onto a twelve-tone scale.

The basic text is from Nicholas Udall's 'school comedy,' Ralph Roister Doister (1552?), II. i. 20 26 :

Then vp to our lute at midnight, twangle-dome twang;
Then twang with our sonets, and twang with our dumps,
And heyhough from our heart, as heauie as lead lumpes;
Then to our recorder, with a toodleloodle poope,
As the howlet out of an yuie bushe should hoope;
Anon to our gitterne, thrumpledum, thrumpledum thrum,
Thrumpledum, thrumpledum, thrumpledum,
thrumpledum thrum!

Other texts include three lines (73 - 75) from George Chapman's 'gratulatory verse' to Ben Jonson's Sejanus and selections from the poetic spew of Rep. Robert Michel (R - IL) on the occasion of the House of Representatives' vote in February 1988 on Ronald Reagan's contra aid package.

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