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michael macrone : music

balance the budget, now 1986. Originally performed by David Adee (french horn) and Jonathan "Boo" Elmer (trombone) at Trinity Chapel and the Musical Offering, Berkeley.


i . house
ii. senate

I have long believed, given the social constitution of musical conventions and modes of consumption, in the necessity for a politico-economic aesthetics. I found myself, in the act of composing this fanfare, returning again and again to the networks of exchange which condition the very act of writing - enabling it, constructing it, and disseminating it into the marketplace mis-en-abime. I was particularly struck, as I composed, by the severity of the debt crisis facing our nation, and began to think of this piece as a provisional grip on a solution. This, and a forthcoming piece, Just Say No, Now are dedicated to our next president, George Bush.

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