post tool design 

245 so. van ness #201
san francisco, ca 94103

415) 255 1094


post tool design is

   a partnership specializing in a whole lot o' media 
   since 1993.       


post tool clients include

   warner records, sprint telecommunications, colossal 
   pictures, sony music, time warner cable, america online, 
   lunar, integral research, the san francisco aiga, 
   steelcase seating, frogdesign, swatch watch, lunar design, 
   gramercy pictures.

articles about post tool design and/or its work have 
appeared in 

   i.d. magazine (11/93, 7/94, 1/95), graphis (2/95), 
   on-line design (4/93), the aiga journal (spr 95), 
   upper & lowercase (spr 95), photo metro (6/94), 
   rolling stone (9/94), electronic link (11/94, 3/95).

Gigi studied fine arts and art history at Skidmore College, 
NY., and environmental design at Parsons School of Design, 

David studied music and computer sciences at the University 
of Texas, Austin.

David and Gigi met while taking design courses at the 
California College of Arts and Crafts, San Francisco. 

They formed Post Tool design in 1993.


The origins of Post Tool Design come from the meeting of
two extremes, fine art together with technology. The
computer exists as the formal element housing words,
images, and sound. Through a menagerie of elements, we
have created a vocabulary spanning print, interactive
design, video, animation, and installation.

Fine art paradigms set against pedestrian icons viewed
out of context and upon a computer screen, is social
commentary. Inundating the viewer with arcane imagery of
the past and present is an attempt to free the material
of social constraints while conjuring the collective
subconscious. Interactive media attempts to recreate the
free flow of associations of the unconscious mind. Image,
text and sound is the vocabulary of multimedia. The
computer is the glue that ties ideology and imagery

It is significant to cross the barrier between education
and popular culture, between past and present, between
art and design. To create a product through two extreme
elements, taking two forms of production at seeming
opposite ends of the spectrum.

In the future, using new technology as well as natural
elements, the design of Post Tool will attempt
environmental output. Not obligated to a specific medium,
but limitless in terms of what materials can be fed into
the process. Our ambitions are to create beyond the realm
of the computer screen. To explore interactive 3-D spaces
designed to enjoy to explore and to free the mind.

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