matt black : joaquin's town *
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Each year the town of Three Rocks, 
a tiny settlement in the agricultural
San Joaquin Valley, hosts a pilgrimage to the 
death site of a 19th century bandit named Joaquin Murrieta.

Reviled by some, revered by others, Murrieta 
was a bandit who -- some say -- plagued the state 
of California in the 1850s.  Rumor has it that he was
killed by a bounty hunter just a few miles 
from the now fertile fields of Fresno County.

Today, Murrieta's life and his violent death are being 
transformed into a symbol of resistance.  
During the annual pilgrimage, the town of Three
Rocks celebrates this idea, and momentarily escapes the 
monotonous drone of the  modern agricultural system 
which surrounds it.